Family Weekends

family weekends

There are three main areas I want to focus on in this blog. The first is the Mommy Mondays series, which gives practical advice for organizing and completing the everyday tasks of life as a Mom (or Dad!). The second is the Midweek Inspiration posts, which help us stop and take time to be still and reflect on God’s word.

The third is a series of posts I’ve titled Family Weekends, and in this series I would like to share some fun ideas for family time. Here are some of the posts I have planned in the near future:

  • Family Movie Night reviews
  • Local events and places to go in the Chicagoland area
  • Activities for keeping little ones entertained
  • Holiday memory-making ideas
  • Educational resources for kids

And more!

Next week I will be sharing one of our newest family traditions, Sunday Family Movie Nights, as well as a review of what may already be a familiar movie at your house, Cars. To stay updated on these and other posts, sign up to follow the blog via e-mail, on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

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